EC Teaching Approach

EC has adopted the proven and effective COMMUNICATIVE METHODOLOGY as our main training approach. This approach integrated our tailor-made course materials and interactive training sessions to provide a COMPLETE, EFFECTIVE and HIGHLY FLEXIBLE learning system.

By using the latest COMMUNICATIVE METHODOLOGY, our trainers assist learners to develop the CONFIDENCE to communicate, rather than merely memorising and repeating phrases from books.

EC-Teaching MethodologyR1

Variety of Training / Learning Activities

We try to include different activities that engage learners in AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION for carrying out meaningful tasks. The two major types of activities are:

      - aiming at developing certain language skills and functions, which involve communication

      - such as conversation and discussion sessions, dialogues and role plays

EC training courses are always designed and conducted in a lively, practical and enjoyable way by promoting a HIGH LEVEL OF INTERACTION. Tailor-made courses specific to each industry allow learners of all abilities to experience noticeable progress. At every level learners are given the opportunity to demonstrate their GROWING COMPETENCE.