1-Day Workshop Series

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 Each Workshop Topic: 1 Day, 8 Hours
 Workshop Location: Client’s Office


  8 hrs 

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English Topics
Cross-Cultural Skills Topics
Business Communication Skills Topics


English Topics:


ID Workshop Topic Main Contents
 E6E7  Tone and Style in Business Writing  .Manner, tone and style in writing
 .Formal and Informal
 .Being concise and precise / Being polite and diplomatic
 .Tentative and Decisive tone
 .Tone for cause, effect, contrast
 .Tone for action / Euphemisms
 E8E9   Email Writing Skills and Netiquette  .Principles of Email writing / Opening and closing
 .Four point plan / Formal and informal
 .Common mistakes / Netiquette
 .Clarity and emphasis
 .Making requests
 .Complaints & Apologies / Diplomatic language
 E11E12   Professional Report Writing  .Introduction

 .Organization of reports
 .Report structure / Transition words
 .Style of reports
 .Report abstracts
 .Describing findings / Report writing guide

 E18E19  Business Presentations

 .Introduction to presentation
 .Signposting / Using your voice
 .Dealing with questions
 .Presenting with Persuasion / Repetition and emphasis
 .Presenting visuals / Describing trends

 E20E21  Meetings and Discussions  .Opening the meeting

 .Managing and discussion
 .Giving and asking for opinions / Developing arguments
 .Making suggestions
 .Polite interruptions
 .Checking understanding / Agreeing and disagreeing

 E22E23   Winning in Negotiation  .Introduction

 .Phases of negotiation
 .Discussions / Bargaining
 .Tentative language
 .Negotiating tactics / Dialogue building

 E24E25   Professional Customer Services  .Facts about customer care

 .Face to face with customers
 .Customer care phone calls / Delivering care
 .Understanding customer types
 .Active listening / Clarifying problems
 .Identifying solutions / Taking action

 E26E27   Communicative Telephone Skills  .Leaving messages

 .Connecting calls
 .Responding to incoming calls / Confirming booking
 .Dealing with numbers and symbols
 .Exchanging information
 .Arranging a meeting

 E28E29  Successful Socializing with Foreigners  .Introduction / Greeting and Small talk

 .Showing interest / Making a personal comment
 .Thinking time and turn-taking
 .Marking requests / Offering help
 .In a restaurant / Describing food
 .Dialogue building / Cross Cultural Areas

 E30E31   Speaking for Success  .Pronunciation & Mispronunciation

 .Homonyms / Stress & Intonation 
 .Rhythm and pacing
 .Speech writing skills / Impromptu speeches
 .Story telling / Picture descriptions / Eye contact and gestures
 .Strategies for building up self-confidence

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Cross-Cultural Skills Topics:


ID Workshop Topic Main Contents
 SN13  Communicating Across Cultures

.Developing intercultural skills / Communicating effectively
.Becoming a better listener / Presenting across cultures
.Negotiating across cultures
.Managing diversity and creativity
.Understanding different taboos, customs and sensitive issues

 SN14  China Business Culture for Expats

 .An introduction to China / An etiquette primer
 .Chinese banquets, weddings, & holidays
 .Mianzi (Face), gift giving & guanxi
 .Business meetings & negotiation

 SN15  Hong Kong Business Culture for Expats

 .Introduction to Hong Kong
 .The philosophy of inter-personal relationships
 .Business etiquette in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Chinese table manners
 .Public holidays in Hong Kong, traditions, activities and the stories

 SN16   China Business Culture for HK Chinese

 .An introduction to China / An etiquette primer
 .Chinese banquets, weddings, & holidays
 .Gift giving & guanxi / Mianzi – Face
 .Business meetings & negotiation
 .Relationships & being a manager in China


 Hong Kong Business Culture
 for Mainlanders

 .Introduction to Hong Kong
 .The philosophy of inter-personal relationship
 .Business etiquette in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Chinese table manners
 .Public holidays in Hong Kong, traditions, activities and the stories


 Influence of “One Belt, One Road”
 Construction on Hong Kong’s Economic

 The concept of “One Belt, One Road”
 .“One Belt, One Road” development focuses
 .Developing a new national cooperation system (West-Central-East)
 .Building a new cross-strait and cross-border cooperation system
 .Hong Kong’s advantages and opportunities

 SN19  Culture of Mainland China



 .History of Chinese culture
 .Confucius and the Culture Revolution
 .Prolonged influence of the Culture Revolution
 .Chinese social etiquette and customs
 .Chinese business & workplace culture
 .Chinese sense of family
 .Chinese consumption behavior
 .Chinese values


 Political and Business Landscape of China


 .PRC administrative divisions
 .Top authorities and the Central Government
 .Government relationships
 .Government responsibilities and roles in business

 SN21  Social Insurance System in China


 .Category of social insurance system in China
 .Medical insurance
 .Endowment insurance
 .Employment injury insurance
 .Unemployment insurance
 .Maternity insurance

 SN22   China's 30-Year Economic Reforms


 .Reformed openness in China
 .The reform of state-owned enterprises and its influence
 .Disorder in the development of the economy
 .Market reality
 .China economic outlook

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Business Communication Skills Topics


ID Workshop Topic Main Contents


 Effective Meeting Management

 .Planning and preparing / Setting up meeting areas
 .Electronic options / Meeting roles and responsibilities
 .Being a good chairperson / Managing time and discussion
 .Dealing with disruptions / Handling conflicts
 .Keeping the meeting go on / Wrapping up


 Effective Communication Strategies

 .Communication barriers / Para-verbal communication skills
 .Non-verbal communication / Speaking like a STAR
 .Communicating in a persuasive and effective way
 .Listening skills / Asking good questions
 .Mastering the art of conversation


 Delicate Interpersonal Skills

 .Verbal and Non-verbal communication skills
 .Making small talk and moving beyond
 .Remembering names / Influencing skills
 .Sharing your opinion / Making an impact


 Tactful Negotiation Skills

 .Understanding negotiation / Laying the groundwork
 .Exchanging information / Bargaining skills
 .About mutual gains / Win-win situation
 .Dealing with thorny issues / Narrowing down the gap
 .Negotiating outside the boardroom

 SN5   Productive Time Management

 .Setting SMART goals / Prioritizing your time
 .Planning wisely / Tackling procrastination
 .Delegating made easy / Setting a ritual
 .Meeting management / Alternatives to meeting


 Public Speaking with Confidence

 .Identifying your audience / Organizing the program
 .Fleshing it out / Putting it all together
 .Overcoming nervousness / Gaining confidence
 .Making your speech simple but impressive
 .Questions and Answers


 Essential Basics of Body Language

 .Communicating with body language
 .Reading body language / Body language mistakes
 .Gender differences / Non-verbal communication
 .Facial expressions / Body language in business


 High Impact Presentation Skills

 .Choosing your delivery approach
 .Overcoming nervousness / Pacing your presentation
 .Verbal and Non-verbal communications skills
 .Presenting with greater impact / Inspiring the audience
 .Pumping it up a notch  / Making a good last impression


 Essential Telephone Etiquette

 .Aspects of telephone etiquette / Proper phone language
 .Eliminating phone distractions / Inbound and Outbound calls
 .Handling rude or angry callers / Handling interoffice calls
 .Correcting poor telephone etiquette


 Business Etiquette for Success

 .Understanding etiquette / Networking for success
 .Meet and greet / Dining in style
 .Business email etiquette / Telephone etiquette
 .Dressing for success / International etiquette


 Handling a Difficult Customer

 .Understanding different types of customers
 .The right attitude starts with you
 .Internal and external stress management
 .Dealing with the customer over the phone and in person
 .Sensitivity and scenarios of dealing with a difficult customer


 Selling to International Customers

 .Culture, values and beliefs of customers of different nationalities
 .Essential Do’s and Taboo’s with respect to customers of different nationalities.
 .Implications of different customer body language and facial expressions
 .Cross-selling techniques in response to different types of customers

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