For Children



With our expertise in English/Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese communication skills training, we have designed and developed a full range of specialized programmes aimed at unleashing your children’s full potential and talents.

Through fun, topic-based activities, and interaction with the teacher and other children, your child will develop their communication skills and confidence in communication.

Our Junior Chinese and English courses expose your child to practical communication through stories and video, building on the language they already know. Themes have been selected to appeal to each specific age group and tasks are designed to help foster your child’s enjoyment of communication and learning.

We are offering various kinds of Mandarin Chinese and English courses and classes for children of different ages. All of our language learning programs or courses have the same emphasis on enjoyable, interactive and communicative learning, and are designed to help children reach their potential in a caring, supportive and stimulating environment. Classes are taught by teachers who are trained and experienced in teaching and caring for young children. Music & movement, songs & rhymes, as well as interesting stories & activities bring out the natural talent in children!