English Programs - Regular Courses

Primary and Kindergarten
Our 5-stage ECJ courses focus on strengthening all 4 skills of speaking, reading, writing and listening.
Students follow a Cambridge textbook accompanied by ECJ tailor-made materials.

Primary Courses
Stage 1
English Head-start
Stage 2
Stage 3
Cambridge Starters
Stage 4
Cambridge Movers
Stage 5
Cambridge Flyers
KET exam preparation

Primary Workshops - all levels P1-P6
Creative Writing 
‧Increase creative vocabulary!
‧Brighten up your stories!
‧Tips to get your creative thoughts flowing!
Interview Preparation
‧Speak more fluently & with confidence!
‧Frequently asked questions and how to answer!
‧Feel more comfortable after practicing mock interviews!
Speech Festival Training
‧Perform your piece with clarity & confidence
‧Vary the tone and expression of your voice
‧Understand the meaning of your piece
Story Workshop
‧Listen, discuss & practice English through stories!
‧New vocabulary in every lesson
‧Based on animal fables that teach moral values.


ECJ exam preparation courses focus on strengthening speaking, reading, writing, grammar and listening skills. Each course module covers a wide range of topics that teach topical vocabulary, grammar and practical language for use in modern day life. Students may choose to take the exam at the end of the course.

Secondary Courses
‧KET exam preparation
‧PET exam preparation
‧Ready for FCE 
‧Ready for CAE
‧Ready for CAE 
‧Ready for IELTS

Secondary Workshops - all levels F1-F6
Academic Writing 
‧Descriptive persuasive, comparative & creative writing
‧Writing structure, grammar & sentence patterns
‧Analysis and practice
Fluency Booster
‧Speak more fluently and with confidence
‧Practical English phrases
‧Express yourself clearly
Junior/Senior Debating
‧Present arguments confidently explaining pros and cons
‧Broaden your knowledge of world issues
‧Learn how to support your point of view
Social Issues
‧Discuss views on social and political issues of today
‧Understand written and spoken information in the media
‧Learn to express & support your opinion
English Through Media
‧Learn about global issues and culture through movies, news videos
‧Understand ‘normal’ colloquial English common phrasal verbs
‧Practice speaking by discussing world issues, movie themes, opinions
Business Skills Introduction
‧Basic language skills for meetings, presentations and job interviews
‧Learn formal polite phrases to help you in the workplace
‧Get ahead by learning how to communicate professionally!

If you have any questions, please contact our Student Care Unit at 2537 0835 or leave your message on this page. Thank you!