We know that communication training is a vital element of any HR strategy. After working with HR and L&D professionals we believe we have developed the perfect formula for communication skills training.

Q1. Do EC’s training courses enable our staff to SPEAK the language or COMMUNICATE effectively with the language?

We are communication specialists, we put your language learning into a meaningful context.
We address your ‘communication pain points’ and work with you to get the most out of language.

Q2. Better to learn with a textbook?

NO! We are committed to providing the most relevant materials for our clients based on industry, function and goals.
We develop our OWN curricula and course books to suit your needs.

Q3. All for one and one for all?

Not necessarily…Flexible training formats that include weekly sessions and intensive workshops to suit all schedules.
We take everything into consideration including job function, learning style, group size and industry.

Q4. How is the standard of quality training maintained?

Each course is designed based on the learning objectives specified by the clients. The courses are conducted by a specialist team of qualified trainers. Progress reports will be provided to show the performance of individuals as well as the groups.

Q5. Do I really need to know about my trainer?

Of course you do! Each of our corporate trainers has an individual profile outlining their experience, expertise, and previous clients so you know exactly who and what you’re getting.

Q6. What is course management?

We use a uniquely designed 12-STEP COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to help you get the best out of your course.