EC Logistics Mandarin Training


The EC Logistics Mandarin Training is developed by the EC In-house Curriculum Team to provide tailor-made Mandarin modules for learners who work in the sector of Logistics Industry. You can feel free to mix and match the course contents to enjoy the highest training flexibility!

Each individual module is composed of key language skills required for communicating effectively in Mandarin, and is tailor-made for learners who would like to focus on enhancing communication skills required for carrying out necessary duties of Logistics Industry such as describing services, cargo & loading, customs & insurance, warehousing, etc....

Training Formats:
On-site weekly class / Small workshop (1 Day or 2 Half Days)

Main Topics:


LM1 - 介紹公司

LM2 - 介紹服務

LM3 - 空運服務

LM4 - 海運服務

LM5 - 陸運服務

LM6 - 聯合運送

LM7 - 併裝集運

LM8 - 裝箱服務

LM9 - 貨物類型

LM10 - 快遞服務

LM11 - 網上付運

LM12 - 海關、保險

LM13 - 倉儲服務

LM14 - 供應鏈方案

LM15 - 專業方案