Over the years, we have helped more than 10,000 individuals achieve their CAREER ADVANCEMENT GOALS by upgrading their personal communication skills. They have been from ALL WALKS OF LIFE with various cultural and educational backgrounds.

Bear in mind, you are not simply learning a language from us, but also the culture behind the language. Practically, you can never learn a language well without also learning the culture. We make CULTURAL ELEMENT an essential part of our communication training. We address cultural difference before dealing with language barrier.

We provide both one-on-one training and public group courses to meet different needs and learning patterns. We will help you identify your individual problems and needs, and keep monitoring your learning progress until you achieve your learning objectives.

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Questions you may ask:

Q1. Why are communication skills important to me?

According to research, for any industries, jobs of higher level (and thus higher income) normally require a higher level of communication skills, and vice versa. There is a direct and positive correlation between communication skills and income levels.

Q2. Are your programmes really practical and applicable to my job?

We put emphasis on PRACTICAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS rather than academic theory. You will only learn those applicable skills for better work performance.

Q3. I am bilingually competent. Do I still need to take the communication programmes?

Communication is more than language. For EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, you need to equip yourself with many different skills as well as thorough understanding of cross-cultural issues.

Very often, it’s not about WHAT you say, but about HOW you say it!

Q4. I am a very busy person. I have difficulty in attending class regularly.

We offer different course types with different course lengths and MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY in schedule arrangement. You can choose among intensive training, regular class, one-day workshop, or even half-day workshop.

Q5. What are the differences between EC and other language schools?

Basically we are offering different products. Our programmes are UNIQUE, SPECIFIC, and PERSONALIZED. We tailor programmes to suit different individuals with different learning objectives. We emphasize real-time interaction between learners and trainers rather than relying on computerized self-study programmes.

We have our in-house curriculum team.

We incorporate cross-cultural elements into language and communication courses.

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