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We offer a complete range of courses suitable for students of different levels and learning capacities. Both Chinese and English Course materials are specially designed for local students, featuring topics and activities which capture the interest of young learners and teenagers.

  • We make both Chinese Mandarin and English language learning an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • All our Chinese and English classes are designed to be interactive and fun. We adopt a COMMUNICATIVE METHOD which enables students to apply what they have learnt in practical communication.
  • We take into consideration individual differences and provide motivation. No matter how good the students are, they will still find themselves doing better.
  • We empower students to communicate with CONFIDENCE, and to learn faster and better.
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Q1. Are our students not learning Chinese and English enough at school?

In schools, students acquire extensive academic knowledge and are prepared for public exams. But what they lack sometimes is the means and chance putting what they’ve learnt into practice, communicating effectively in real life.

Q2. Will there be any overlap between your language programmes and our school syllabus?

We aim at providing various supplementary communication programmes which only COMPLEMENT, or REINFORCE, but NEVER OVERLAP, the school syllabus.

Q3. Are those English and Chinese programmes really useful and critical to our students?

The school syllabus put an emphasis on academic performance. Our programmes train students to be more COMMUNICATIVE, EXPRESSIVE, AND CONFIDENT.

Those communication skills (e.g. public speaking, story telling, debating) not covered by a regular school syllabus can be vital for personal growth and continuous development. We mould good students into ALL-ROUNDERS.

Q4. Are your language trainers doing better than our school teachers?

With equally good teaching skills and quality, our trainers focus more on helping students COMMUNICATE MORE EFFECTIVELY AND CONFIDENTLY through various communication drills and activities.

Q5. How do we know whether our students learn and improve?

We provide pre-course and post-course ASSESSMENTS as well as PROGRESS REPORTS. You will see the significant improvement in the students’ communication ability after the course.