Relocation Language & Cultural Training for International Assignees / Employees

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Relocating to a new country can bring a lot of surprises and anxieties. Supplementing these surprises with the challenge in communication, life can be in turmoil. Therefore, EC would like and would be able to help. EC provides comprehensive Relocation Language & Cultural Training that focuses on helping international assignees/employees adapt and excel in their new working environment in Hong Kong or abroad, along with helping their spouses and children adapt more quickly and easily to the new environment.

Our language training services cover Mandarin, Cantonese and English programs to meet individual needs. It focuses on getting expatriates prepared for successful interaction both in their daily life as well as business situations in Hong Kong and China.

Our cultural training service focuses on both Hong Kong and China culture covering topics like cultural differences, culture shock, business life, daily life, local customs, traditions, taboos, etc.

Some Highlights:

  • 16+ Years in serving International Assignees/Employees & their Families (see our past activities): [Details]

  • Language Program Series for Adults:
  • Language Programs for Children: China/Hong Kong Culture & Etiquette Training (for Adults): [Details]

  • Professional Course Consultant, Teaching and Curriculum Team: [Details]

  • In-House Curriculum Products: Affluent Experience with HR and Training Professionals: [Details]

    • Self-publishing Mandarin Textbook Series for Beginners: [Details]
    • Tailor-made Corporate Training Curriculum: [Details]
  • Renowned Clientele & Testimonials: [Details]