EC Tailor-Made Curriculum on Retail Industry

Language: Retail English / Mandarin Training + Curriculum Design
retail maneng

EC retail language training course aims at enhancing both English / Mandarin conversation skills of the frontline staff. Except for the basic language training on products and services, the course will also emphasize the importance of effective communicative skills such like the use of appropriate vocabulary, diplomatic language, appropriate tone and intonation when serving your target customers.

Training Formats:
On-site weekly class / Small workshop (1 Day or 2 Half Days)

Main Topics:



RM1 - 公司介紹

RM2 - 介紹產品及服務 (一)

RM3 - 介紹產品及服務 (二)

RM4 - 建議及推介產品 (一)

RM5 - 建議及推介產品 (二)

RM6 - 銷售及議價 (一)

RM7 - 銷售及議價 (二)

RM8 - 應對及處理問題 (一)

RM9 - 應對及處理問題(二)

RM10 - 客戶服務

RE1 - Talking about your company

RE2 - Describing products & services (I)

RE3 - Describing products & services (II)

RE4 - Suggesting & Recommending (I)

RE5 - Suggesting & Recommending (II)

RE6 - Selling & Negotiation (I)

RE7 - Selling & Negotiation (II)

RE8 - Dealing with problems (I)

RE9 - Dealing with problems (II)

RE10 - Customer service


Field Coaching: Effective Face-to-face Communication Skills Training

Training Format: On-The-Job Training


EC Retail Field Coaching sessions seek to further strengthen students’ face-to-face communication skills and their instant responses to increase customer satisfaction, and that increases sales volume. Customer service skills such as diplomatic and persuasive language, body gestures, eye contact and facial expressions, which are crucial to frontline retail staff, will also be highlighted to reinforce language skills they’ve learned.

Cross-Cultural: Selling to International Retail Customers

Training Format: 8 Hours Workshop


Frontline retail staff normally deal with people of many different nationalities. EC soft skills program ‘Selling to International Retail Customers’ should equip your frontline staff with practical cultural knowledge and empathy, and help them develop more effective communication techniques when selling products to customers of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.