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Speeches, documents, websites, letters or just a simple phone call – conducting business in Asia can be challenging for you as it is for the person you're attempting to communicate with. But it needn't be! Our language-related services can assist you to overcome any language or communication barriers. Whether it is written or verbal, we are here to deliver.


We are now providing the following communication and language services: 



  • Customer Service Hotline Recording (顧客服務熱線錄製 - 中、英)
  • Voice Over (旁白錄製 - 中、英)
  • Interpretation (即時傳譯 - 中、英)
  • Company Training Materials Recording (企業培訓教錄製 - 中、英)


  • Translation (翻 - 中、英)
  • Copywriting (撰稿 - 中、英)
  • Speech Writing (演說撰稿 - 中、英)
  • Editing & Proof-reading (編輯及較對 - 中、英)
  • PowerPoint Editing (簡報編輯)
  • PowerPoint Formatting (簡報後期製作)


  • Company In-house Training Curriculum Design (企業培訓教材設計)
  • Language Ability Assessment (語言能力評估 - 中、英)
  • Language Test Paper Design & Marking (語言考卷設計及批改)
  • Mystery Customers (神秘顧客 - 中、英)
Curriculum Design Material recording
Copywriting Translation
Speech writing Editing  Proof Reading


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