Testimonials & Clientele


Testimonials from Clients

“EC is our excellent partner in offering language training to our staff. Their teachers are passionate and experienced in language training. Our staff also gave good comments to EC’s teachers. Their arrangements of courses are very systematic and organized. Overall, I am very satisfied with EC so that I have no hesitation in referring them to other corporations. “
Bonny Yip - Human Resources Manager -
ECCO Shoes Hong Kong Ltd.

We are happy with the service provided as well as the quality of teaching by teachers.  Will continue to use Executive Communications Education Centre for our training needs.
Phyllis Cheung - Human Resources Manager - Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

“The course consultants of the language lessons at Executive Communications are excellent. They are able to give us prompt reply regarding the students' record, attendance or any issues relating to the language lessons. They are able to manage the lessons in a flexible way and are always open for discussion on the language lessons. It has been a good experience working with them.”

Vivian Li - Training & Development, Asian Region - Allen & Overy

"We feel lucky that we chose Executive Communications. There is a lot of support from Executive Communications teachers and staff. They are very flexible to fit our needs. The lessons are interactive and full of life. I can really see the difference compared with our staff's first lesson."
Joanne Lam - Human Resources Department - American Airlines

“It has been nearly 6 months since the lesson has started. My EC teacher is a great tutor not only academically, but also in coaching the behavior speaking with native speakers. I used to overcome both in speaking and writing English and she tremendously helped me to simplify my sentences to deliver messages clearly. My boss and colleagues recognize the improvement of my English. She is not only a teacher but a consultant on behavior, understanding the cultural differences in expressions. Most importantly I gained a huge amount of the confidence now.
CY Lee –
Alliance Boots Sourcing (Hong Kong) Limited

“I’ve studied Mandarin before with various teachers and centers, EC is one of the best! They are really professional and experienced. They managed to make the classes fun as well as educational. I’ve never enjoyed learning Mandarin so much.”
Jodie Goulden - Director Human Resources ASEAN - BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

“I have been learning with EC since late 2011. As a complete beginner, I was very nervous but I found my teacher to be thorough, patient and knowledgeable. The focus in my one-to-one classes has been on practical, spoken Cantonese and this has been invaluable in helping me immerse myself in Hong Kong life. Cantonese can be a daunting language to learn but the concentration on simple, daily phrases have helped me overcome the language’s challenges!”
Keri Jones – Talent Manager -
John Swire & Son (HK) Ltd

"My students, who were here on a six-week summer study program, truly enjoyed their language courses and benefited from Executive Communications custom-tailored cultural lessons. The teachers and staff were professional, accommodating, dynamic and thorough. EC's location in the heart of Hong Kong was ideal for us. We plan to use EC in future summers for the University of Florida group."
Professor Sanders, Nancy M -
School of Architecture - University of Florida

“I have been learning English in EC since 2012. I am satisfied with all the things. The Course Consultants are very kind and my teacher is so good. She is very kind and sincere and she is excellent. She has been trying to improve my English ability and always encouraged me to speak English. So I feel comfortable with my class, I like my teacher and my class. I hope I can keep studying English in EC. “
Junghi Kim -
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

“I had not previously studied Mandarin Chinese prior to coming to Hong Kong in February 2010 when I started at Executive Communications (EC). Through my participation in group classes once a week at EC I was able to achieve my goal of obtaining the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Level 3 in October 2012. Since then I have continued my studies at EC on a one-to-one basis with a view to obtaining the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi Level 4 in October 2013. I have found the tuition both in group and one-to-one formats as well as the wider customer care at EC first-rate. All of the staff and teachers have been highly professional as well as friendly and approachable. I have no hesitation in recommending the school.”
James Willcock - Associate -
DLA Piper Hong Kong

“I started studying English with EC at Sep 2012. I was satisfied with EC’s teaching. What their teaching is flexible and interesting and they always gave me opportunities to express my ideas or opinions. I tried my best to practice my oral English fluently and they always encouraged me and gave me more confidence. Even if I was very busy on my duty, I always tried my best have the English lesson on time. I wish I can have lessons as usual at the beginning of New Year soon. Thanks EC!”
Zhong Dai –
China Development Bank Corporation

“It is a great testament to the school for having dedicated, passionate and very skilled teachers. I had experience with other teachers before but never one that motivates the class to improve at a truly fast rate. The classes with EC this year in 2012, were always enjoyable; the students are corrected at every opportunity and always with a very sweet smile. My teacher is always prepared for each class and her memory of the syllabus is incredible. I have personally experienced the benefit and felt my comprehension of Mandarin improve tremendously when facing with Chinese nationals in social groups. In the past where I have shunted such gatherings, I now find interesting and engage in the conversation whenever I can with more confidence, as I understand the flow of conversation so much more. Thank you EC!”
Daryl YEOH -
Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank

“I have started having Mandarin classes with EC since October 2011 and am very happy with their services. Classes with EC are very flexible and the tutors are prepared to provide materials which are tailor-made to my needs. Not only has my spoken Mandarin improved, my written Chinese is also better as a result of attending several classes which specifically cover the use of Chinese business language. The tutors are also very friendly and approachable and I would definitely recommend EC to my family and friends.”
Wendy Wong - Trainee Solicitor -
Simmons & Simmons

"I have very much enjoyed the lessons with EC. The teaching style and method are much better than another company's course that I had attended. There are more focuses on pronouncing the words correctly and being able to speak and understand a wide range of vocabulary and sentences. The course is able to be adapted to suit schedules and particular learning needs."
Graham Quigg - Senior IT Audit Manager -

“I studied Mandarin at EC from complete beginner to Intermediate 2 level. Over the course of these 18 months and 250 hours of private lessons, I witnessed the flexibility of EC when it comes to changing classes due to a busy schedule. I had 3 teachers who were all very patient and very energetic. They all went out of their way to help me progress in Chinese and also to understand China and its cultures. Thanks to my EC teachers and to my hardwork, I was able to spend a week in a Chinese family in Beijing completely alone and I survived! It's a thrilling experience to be able to communicate with complete strangers in Chinese! EC is a school I fully recommend!”
Hubert Bringer - Asia Sourcing Director -
Ardagh Group

I am absolutely happy with the Mandarin training at EC. My teacher always encourages me and helps to explain and memorize the new words. With his “practical view” I can easily follow and find a “practical way” to express myself in the new language. I would recommend EC to my friends and family. Already did 
Jennifer Riess –
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

“I enjoyed the Mandarin class at EC a lot. Teacher and staff are very helpful and friendly. Atmosphere during the lesson is very good and the teachers are very encouraging. They all adapt to the students’ requirement. Besides the language training I could also learn a lot about Chinese culture. In summary I can only say that Executive Communications Education Centre is a great place to learn Mandarin.”
Sirus Zarbakhsh –
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

“I have taken Mandarin lessons with EC for the last 12 months. In spite of my busy work schedule EC has been always flexible enough to reschedule meetings to fit my work timetable. My teacher is very patient, and tries to include cultural aspects wherever possible. She keeps on motivating me by giving me positive feedback. I enjoy the lessons with her very much and can only recommend her as teacher.”
Stephen Voß - Head of Client Portfolio Management-
Munich Re

I began my tuition with EC in late 2012. I have very much enjoyed every lesson. The textbook we use has lots of words and examples that are directly relevant to my job where I use Mandarin every day. The lessons with EC have made me confident that I can use Mandarin in many situations. I travel often with Mandarin, and the centre and my teacher are very understanding about this.
Lara Tyrrell –
John Swire & Son ( HK) Ltd

“I have been with EC on 'Level One' thru' 2008 and have found the experience a delight both in learning and with the convivial atmosphere of the class itself. All staff (teachers and office management) are keen to assist and cater to the student's requirements. The teaching itself is geared very much to the needs of the class as a unit-with care, attention and encouragement much to the fore, and always with a smile. My teachers have been superb and both are a credit to the Company and their chosen profession- I never expected 'school' to be like this.. wo xue le hen duo -zhende hen hao!.....'
Ian Marriott -
(ex) HK Police Officer

“From Aug 2012, I have taken 4 days Mandarin lessons per week. To enhance my interest in Chinese learning, my EC teacher prepared me different interesting Chinese culture topics. During my 1 year stay in Hong Kong, I learned not only Mandarin but also Chinese culture such as customs, foods, and so on. My teacher’s teaching attempts to meet my needs, and he helped me to pass the HSK. He made vocabulary sheets and gave me much advices. I will recommend EC to other trainees in my company.”
Takeda Akifumi –

“I’m very happy with EC’s training. I like my teachers. The training is very useful for helping improve my English. But I’m very busy with my work. So I need to take more time in English training.”
Song Zuo Jun –
China Development Bank Corporation

“Mandarin is becoming more and more important nowadays. Learning the language also helps to understand the culture. I am traveling business wise quite a bit to Mainland China. I would like to be able to communicate directly with our business partners. I am happy that my teacher does not only follow the book but that he teaches me also extra words. I appreciate this flexibility a lot and I really learned much in a relatively short time already. During my last trips to China, I was able to check in the hotel in Mandarin. Even here in Hong Kong it is sometimes useful to speak some Mandarin, e.g. in a taxi.”
Stephan Herwig - Manager Asia Pacific -
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

"I can strongly recommend Executive Communications for teaching Putonghua. They have patient, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who carefully customize the teaching materials to suit individual needs. As a result, I enjoyed very much learning Putonghua and was able to achieve a high degree of fluency."
Helen Yeung -
Standard Chartered Bank

I have been with EC since November 2012 and have enjoyed it very much. My EC teacher is a great teacher and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. She is always willing to go as fast or slow as I want which makes my lessons not too pressured. I would recommend EC to my friends!
Joshua Williams –
John Swire & Son (HK) Ltd

“A really enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes each week! Well thought-out content & attentive & expert teachers. Each lesson is sensibly paced to build up vocab, grammar and confidence. I would thoroughly recommend EC to anyone thinking of tackling a new language!”
Nick Moore – Director of Operations -
Jardine Aviation Services

"I am extremely pleased with the lessons provided by Executive Communications. The staff keeps me motivated and interested in learning despite my busy schedule."
Charles Han -
Morgan Stanley

"I would recommend Executive Communications to any student who wants to learn Mandarin with patient, precise and generally excellent teaching. You can’t fail to learn.”
Jason Scott-Lewis & Thavy Nano -

“Our EC teacher really helps us not only to learn, but also to love this rich language. Every Thursday, I look forward to this moment of training which often turns into a moment of fun.”
Benoit Gaudin -
Consulat général de France à Hong Kong et Macao

“Executive Communications excels in developing new ways for teaching Chinese language and culture. All the teachers I met were excellent in tailoring the classes to my own learning needs.”
John Pexton - Deputy CEO -
Fortune Oil Limited

“I began studying Mandarin in 2007 and have found my time at EC to be challenging and rewarding. My teacher is both professional and fun, always willing to make adjustments to meet my individual needs. I love the extra activities and the class materials are interesting and helpful. I love coming every week and look forward to learning more and more! Wo xi huan zai zhe li xue xi!”
Bonnie Wan –
Chinese International School

“Putonghua is a difficult language for Western people, buy my classes here at EC made me realize that there is a way to learn it! Both teachers I had were very skilled, competent and patient.”
Petra Boehm

“I have been attending to Executive Communications for 15 months since October 2011. My experience there has been quite grateful with several teachers. The classes are tailored to the student needs and teachers are also friends. Even though Mandarin is a very tough language to learn, I have enjoyed my days there and I would suggest to anyone joining your academy.”
Ramon Luica Herrando –
Consulate General of Spain Trade Commission Hong Kong

“I joined EC in Sept. I really enjoy my mandarin lessons. Unfortunately I am not able to have classes on a real regular basis but my teacher is a real help to deal with this. However, it is very personal target to go for HSK test.”
Juergen Riess —
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

“I’ve been learning with EM for several months. I have enjoyed the lessons, which are just the right level of difficulty. I would recommend the course, and my teacher, to anyone wishing to learn Mandarin.”
Julian Lyden – Country Manager Germany & Eastern Europe -
Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd

“Many of my clients are Chinese-based and I visit Beijing once a month. My mandarin lessons with EC have allowed me to develop conversational skills that help to build rapport and with my clients. I look forward to continuing lessons with my EC teacher, who is a very competent and encouraging teacher.”
Natalie Durpe –
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“I have been taking an EC Course in Mandarin for over 6 months. I have now embarked on a second set of lessons. I am very happy with the quality of teaching and choice of topics studied. My EC teacher has been very accommodating to my requirements and has helped me progress in a manner that I am very satisfied with. The course is very suited to my professions.”
Mitul Kotecha-
Credit Agricole CIB

“Learning Cantonese with EC has been and still is a very enjoyable, informative and funny experience. I have not only gained insights into the language itself, but also local culture, habits, politics and attitude. They only obstacle for my language skills is my laziness in studying.”
Torsten Neumann –
BASF East Asia Regional Headquarters Ltd

“Learning Cantonese is actually easier as people tried to tell me upfront. Through a motivating atmosphere of learning and an interactive teaching style, I have had senses of achievement when communicating with locals. In dialog with the tutor sessions have been composed to be relevant to my everyday life. Therefore it is easy to use new skills immediately for further practice and to deepen this knowledge along the way. Thus it is great fun.”
Tobias Dyrba

"My twin daughters have been studying in EC Juniors for nearly one year. I am happy to observe that two of them show more interest in learning English. In particular, they are more conscious of the sounds (long and short) in English."
Jimmy Yam

‘EC has been efficient and professional from the initial assessment to the tailoring of the course specific for my son’s needs and he is really enjoying his mandarin lessons with the teacher. He, himself ,says that the teacher is friendly and makes him feel comfortable and that he is also an extremely good teacher. As parents, my husband and I are also very pleased with the progress our son is making with his comprehension and spoken mandarin.’
Kim Farbrace

“My 3 girls have been at EC for almost 3 years and we did see their progressing step by step. They all enjoy their class and the teachers are very keen, attention and care. My kids always talk with me about their teachers. Now they loved to learn Mandarin and also liked to sing Mandarin songs. Moreover, they love to come to have class with the teachers at the centre.”
Ms Dumorongjaroen



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