Our [Type C] Tailor-Made Curriculum is 100% bespoke to meet your company's training and development needs. It will cover some important aspects of your business, your company culture as well as your unique branding or training objectives.


Option 1) Type C [GEN] --- General Industry-Specific Version 行業通用版
Option 2) Type C [100] --- 100% Bespoke Version 完全特製版


Our curriculum team has produced more than 100+ TAILOR-MADE CORPORATE COURSEBOOKS for our clients from various industries, job levels, and business functions. We understand that different corporations may have different specific corporate languages that should reflect their corporate image. Therefore we always maintain a high level of flexibility and work closely with them during the curriculum development process.

We will carefully design your corporate course to match your training needs and standards, covering the specific communication style and manner that you wish to introduce into your organisation.

Your corporate objectives, coupled with the information gained from the pre-course assessment, allows us to tailor the course content to target your needs.

The CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT process normally goes through a meticulous and logical sequence including:

  • In-depth needs analysis
  • Pre-course level assessment
  • Content development
  • Course book production

The tailor-made EC curriculum is aimed at helping learners ACHIEVE EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION with business colleagues or social contacts by:

  • Providing real world business and social communication
  • Focusing on practical communication and fluency building
  • Enabling and facilitating interactive teaching and learning
  • Taking care of individual needs and reinforcing individual progress
  • Promoting motivation and boosting confidence
  • Allowing flexibility in training pace and facilities
  • Providing clear, manageable learning objectives
  • Adapting to work life and personal commitments

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